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Welcome to our virtual office! We've always seen our dental practice as one that combined state-of-the-art technology with a deep caring for our patients' overall health and welfare. This site gives us a new way to fulfill our commitments to you.

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Dr. Paskerian
  Framingham Dental Arts Building  
55 Main Street
Framingham MA 01702


Full Mouth Radiographic Survey, Photos, Study Casts, Oral Cancer Screening, Blood Pressure, Complete Dental and Gum Examination. Written Comprehensive Treatment plan.

$50.00 will be credited toward the $125.00 new patient diagnostic fee.


Mission Our team is committed to your total health care and, as such, we are sensitive to your emotional, spiritual and physical health needs. Our purpose is to provide the highest levels of preventive, restorative and aesthetic care that will enhance our patients' quality of life and self-image. In summary, our mission is personal care and relationship building plus our continued commitment to excellence in restorative and reconstructive procedures.

Doctor Dr. Paskerian is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He has taught at Harvard University and Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, has attained a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry, and is one of a select group of dentists nationwide who have been awarded the prestigious honor of Fellow in the International College of Dentists.


Implants are an artificial replacement for missing tooth roots that are placed into the jawbone and are used to support new teeth/crowns. Dental Implants have the look, feel and function of natural teeth and can last a lifetime if they are properly cared for.

Invisalign Imagine being able to adjust the position of your teeth to emphasize your perfect smile. And then imagine doing it without unsightly braces! Invisalign® is a state-of-the-art approach which uses computer imagery to create a series of invisible devices that will gradually, and painlessly, move your teeth into their correct alignment. And you'll be able to see from the beginning what your smile will look like when you're done.

Invisalign Everyone wants the whitest and brightest smile they can have. And now you can get that smile with Zoom!, a safe and painless approach to whitening teeth that works in one hour in our office.     
As seen on Extreme Makeover


NTI-tss Excessive clenching of the teeth at night can lead to exhaustion and chronic headaches. NTI-tss® is a tension suppression system that relieves the pressure you put on your teeth and jaws through clenching. Small, clear and almost invisible, the easily removable NTI-tss can be worn all day or all night long.

Gallery When you look in the mirror and see something in your smile that you don't like, it's hard to imagine yourself with straight and even teeth. We can make it easier for you with our Before and After Gallery. You'll see actual photographs taken in our office of work that makes us almost as proud as the owners of these bright, new smiles. Maybe someday your smile will be in our photo album, too.

Smile Everyone wants a bright, attractive smile. It makes you feel confident when you meet new friends or make new business contacts. Sometimes all you need to get that smile is the type of careful dental care you have the right to expect of your dentist. For example, matching porcelain fillings with surrounding teeth. But sometimes what you need is more extensive -- a porcelain veneer to reshape a tooth, a crown, a bridge, an implant that feels like it's your own natural tooth, a comfortable denture. Because we understand how important your smile is, we take pride in having the skills and the expertise that come from keeping up with the leading edge of dental theory so that we can help you have the smile you deserve to have.

Office We are conveniently located near Route 9 in Framingham, Massachusetts. From the people who welcome you to our office to those who work beside our doctors, you'll always find our staff professional as well as caring. We're proud of the fact that most of our staff has been with us for ten years or more. We're a family and we look forward to you joining us. Appointments and reminders can be made by email as well as by telephone. In the case of an emergency, please call 508-872-3200

Our office hours are:

Monday - Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Checkup Good oral health requires more than just daily brushing and regular dental checkups because it's only one small part of your overall physical and mental well-being. Our professional staff understands that diet, pregnancy, chemotherapy, and physical illnesses can affect your oral health and we are committed to working with you on your whole body health.

Children Just because a child's baby teeth are going to fall out someday doesn't mean that children don't need to have good, early dental care. Baby teeth can have cavities and they may need to be treated. We know that baby teeth are important as space holders until your child's permanent teeth come in. Just as your oral health is part of your whole body health, so is your child's. We're the place where you can come with your questions about fluoridation, and thumbsucking and diet so that you can help your child to get well soon after develope a full set of teeth someday that will be just as beautiful as those small, precious teeth you watched appear one by one.

A FAQ is a Frequently Asked Question. We've tried to answer the questions we hear most often from our patients about everything from wisdom teeth to crowns. If you have a question that you think we've missed and that other people may want to know, tell us.

Health Reports For many years, we've been creating and sending our Health Reports to our patients. Each issue contains a wide range of information on your health and on your teeth. Because so many of the answers to your questions have appeared in these pages, we've made these reports available to you through our website. And to make the information more easily accessible, we've added a topic index for your convenience. If there's something that we haven't covered yet that you'd like to hear about in an upcoming Health Report, please let us know.

We take pride in being responsible for your overall dental health after get well soon status . However, there may be times when we have to refer you for treatment by an outside oral health specialist. Our practice is connected with a network of highly skilled medical colleagues who can help, no matter what your special needs.


What You Should Expect From Your Dentist

good listening

When you first meet the doctor, it's a good sign if you get to do most of the talking. After all, who knows you better than...you! Your needs and concerns are very important to us.

gentle, comfortable

Advanced dental care can be surprisingly comfortable. With nitrous oxide (gas), stereo headphones (to block the sound), warmed anesthetic, tranquilizers, or topical anesthetic, you will be amazed at how easy high quality dental care can be!

high quality

We know how valuable your time and money are to you; that's why our goal is on-time appointments, availability of financing, and the highest level of modern dental care.


When you need a dentist, you want one who takes the time to be gentle and careful. That's exactly the way we built our practice! In this day and age of "managed care," HMOs, and PPOs, we have chosen instead to keep our practice unique, personal, calm, relaxed, and technically state of the art.

Appointment,   Office,  Email
Implants,   Invisalign,   Whitening,   Migraine Relief
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