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Volume 9, Number 4, Page 3
Bad breath remedies

Want to freshen up your breath after that garlic bread you had with your lunch? A little allspice from the kitchen cupboard can do the trick. Just add a little to warm water and gargle. The same ingredient that adds spice to your pumpkin pie could be effective in sweetening your breath.

Allspice originates in the Caribbean, where it grows on large evergreen trees. The fruit of the tree is powder. One of its main ingredients is "eugenol," or oil of cloves, which is often used as a topical pain reliever and can also aid in digestion. The spice is naturally anti-bacterial, and that may be the secret to its breath-enhancing properties.

Allspice may be a perfect breath sweetener for some, but if you have any known allergies to spices, you should probably be wary of this remedy.

In addition, if your bad breath persists, it may be the result of a systemic problem or periodontal disease. Obtain a professional diagnosis to be sure.
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Over 30 million Americans no longer have their own teeth.
Bacteria in the brush

It's that cold and sore throat time of year. It's sometimes impossible to prevent getting a sore throat, but it may be possible to keep it from recurring. Recent studies have pointed to toothbrushes as harborers of bacteria that cause sore throats--including streptococci, which is sometimes penicillin-resistant. Both toothbrushes and orthodontic appliances were found to contain bacteria. Some researchers believe that moisture from the mouth and the toothpaste make brushes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

To prevent sore throats from lurking in your brush bristles, change your toothbrush monthly. If you or your child is ill, use a new toothbrush during the illness and replace it again when you return to health. Retainers and other orthodontic appliances can be sterlized by soaking them in hydrogen peroxide or bleach, and rinsing thoroughly to remove any residue of the sterilizing agent. Some patients ask if they can boil their toothbrushes to sterilize them, but most toothbrush material will not hold up to such heat. To avoid toothbrushes contaminating each other in the holder, you might consider using toothbrush covers. Replacing the toothbrush is the smartest move if you want to avoid sore throats and other infections.

The truth about sugar

Some parents will attest that sugar makes their kids bounce off the walls, but there's no scientific evidence to back this up. Still, it's smart to watch your child's sugar intake. Teaching children to avoid sugar can help them avoid tooth decay and promote better overall health.

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